Life as an artist can be difficult to explain...especially to parents who want "the best" for you, friends who are already into the child-rearing phase of life, co-workers who aren't familiar with your after-hours alter-ego, significant others who want you to be around on weekends. For Crissie McCree, the musician's life is something she admittedly still struggles to figure out.

     Crissie had her first experience as a member of a rock band in high school. Since then, she has steadily been writing, performing, recording, and generally trying to navigate the musician's life. She took the traditional route and graduated from college - twice. "I've always been sort of hyper-responsible. Some people have stories from their youth that involve sneaking out, drinking, skipping school... You know, the stereotypical stories you might expect to hear from a musician's background. I once got a detention for chewing gum in school. It took a long time for me to learn to loosen up a little and start taking risks in life."

     A day job led Crissie to North Carolina in 2008. Throughout several years, a couple cities, and various ways of a making a living, she slowly started to make music more of a true focus in her life. Though she never stopped writing and working on personal projects, it would take some time and personal revelation to reach a renewed sense of purpose in her writing, recording, and performing. In early 2013, Crissie released her 4th independent album. She was named Best Rock Female at the Carolina Music Awards later that year, and was nominated again the following year in several categories.

...from northern roots

to Nashville roads...

     "I've always had it in me. I just didn't know how to reconcile it with what I was 'supposed to be doing' in life."  Crissie grew up in a suburb of Youngstown, Ohio, and started singing "pretty much as soon as I learned to talk." She recalls a toddler in a blue Easter dress, holding a microphone, singing "Here Comes Peter Cottontail" on an old 8mm family film. "I think that's the earliest performance of mine that was caught on tape," she says with a laugh. "The first song I remember writing was about sleeping over at my grandmother's house when I was seven. I think it's safe to say I've evolved as a songwriter since then."

   Crissie visited Nashville, TN in 2014, and found herself as a resident two weeks later. "I set foot in Nashville, and that was that. I had no idea what music in Nashville was all about, and honestly, I'm still not sure. But the energy and possibilities were so evident. I have absolutely loved being here. The city has so much to offer beyond music. That said, any day of the week, any time of day, you're going to find live music in Nashville."

     On October 31, 2016, Crissie released "I've Been Down" - a three-song disc produced by Michael Estok at his Vibe Dial Recording Studio in Nashville. They followed it up with an acoustic single and in-studio video for "If I Could" on March 14, 2017. After wrapping up the Nashville recording sessions, Crissie headed back to North Carolina to be nearer to some dear friends and family. She is currently writing songs for her next studio album, in addition to writing and recording the "Quarantunes" video sessions.

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